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Original Laser-built 3000s have a reefing mainsail, furling jib and black spars. New boats are currently supplied with silver-anodised, sealed & buoyant masts, with the option of battened Mylar or furlable Dacron jibs.
All 3000s have a single line hoist and drop system for the spinnaker, single trapeze and asymmetric spinnaker.


Length 4.40m
Beam 1.46m
Mast Height 6.00m

Sail Areas (Hyde)
Mainsail 8.60m²
Jib 2.94m²
Gennaker 12.80m²

[Official sails by Hyde Sails and by North Sails]

Laser Hull 79kg    Vandercraft Hull 54Kg
Trolley 28kg
Trailer 45kg

Designed by Frank Bethwaite & Derek Clarke and developed by Vandercraft

Year and Corresponding Sail Numbers of Laser 3000s (V3000s start at s.n. 3600)

1996 3000-3023 = 23

1997 3024-3163 = 139

1998 3164-3272 = 108

1999 3273-3336 = 63

2000 3337-3414 = 77

2001 3415-3479 = 64

2002 3480-3520 = 40 ) In some cases, these hulls were held in stock

2003 3521-3537 = 16 ) and not delivered in the year of manufacture.

TOTAL = 537

PY Handicap Number 1085 as published in the 2017 RYA PY List

Class recommended PN for Vandercraft-hulled boats: 1007

Singlehanding is permitted at non-class events, but the boat is faster under most conditions given an adequate weight of helmsman. The advantage is most felt in lighter winds up to the point where the solo sailor is overpowered.  Accordingly, the class recommends a reduction of the PN used for handicap racing, and suggests 1017 for Laser 3000's and 977 for V3000's.  If you race singlehanded, please ask your sailing sec. to note the fact on any returns he makes to the RYA, otherwise it impacts on the two-up PY.

Laser Construction Polyester GRP / Vandercraft Construction Epoxy/Glass Cloth/Foam

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 Replacement sheets and halyards (quoted as Diameter/Length)

Mainsheet: 8mm/ for centre bridle: 5.2m; for aft bridle: 8m

Jib sheet: with 2:1 sheeting: 4mm/9m; with 1:1 sheeting: 6mm/7m

Spinnaker sheet: 6 or 7mm/12m

Main halyard: 4mm/12m (Vectran or Dyneema (Marlow Excel Racing))

Jib halyard:
L3k North sail (& Hyde at a pinch with mast raked)  2.5mm/4.10m wire
L3k Hyde sail 2.5mm/4.28m wire
V3k (external halyard) North sail & 2:1 halyard 3mm/5m  Marlow V12 (Vectran)

Spinnaker halyard:
Hyde sail 4mm/14m
North sail 4mm/15m


Tony Hunt & Suzanne Hall on their way to winning the Medway Marathon